Collision Clinic is proud to have been nominated by BMW Canada as the first BMW and Mini Certified Collision Repair Centre in our province!

What does this certification mean for you and your vehicle?

BMW and Mini Certified repair centres have specialized technology and tools, and BMW-trained collision repair technicians. This specialized knowledge has provided our team with even more expertise in restoring luxury vehicles like BMWs and Minis; applying the same knowledge in restoring all makes and models after a collision.


What happens to your vehicle during a collision repair?

Though it might look the same on the outside, certified collision repair goes beyond cosmetic fixes. To ensure your vehicle’s repairs meet original factory specifications, go to a Certified Collision Repair Centre.

Certified collision repair goes beyond cosmetic fixes.

Collision Clinic’s BMW and Mini trained specialists ensure your vehicle is restored to its original factory condition. Only a BMW and Mini Certified Collision Repair Centre like Collision Clinic can issue a BMW and Mini Approved Certificate of Repair. This certificate guarantees your vehicle is fully restored using only original BMW and Mini Parts.

Even minor collisions can cause serious damage to your vehicle, like BMW’s advanced safety bumper sensors. Those sensors may need special attention that only a Certified Collision Repair Centre can guarantee. Remember, even minor repairs deserve experienced care!


How does your vehicle’s structural integrity impact its safety?

Only a Certified Collision Repair Centre can restore your BMW or Mini to its original safety specifications and issue an approved certificate of repair.

Certified repairs can help your vehicle better withstand a second collision.

Repairing a vehicle without the proper equipment, training, and technology, can compromise the internal safety features of your vehicle, and leave you vulnerable and unprotected should your vehicle be damaged in a second collision.

You deserve the peace of mind knowing your vehicle can withstand a second collision and keep you and your family safe.


Collision Clinic’s recognition from BMW and Mini makes us the wise choice for your collision repairs.

From BMW and Mini, to any other make or model, Collision Clinic’s extensive training and advanced technology means we’re fully equipped to properly restore your vehicle’s structural integrity after a collision.

To learn more about what this certification means for you and your vehicle, contact us today!

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