Choose us; for the latest in tech and innovation

Choose us; for the latest in tech and innovation

Like everything else in today’s world, you car’s technology continues to evolve, and we’re not just talking about what’s under the hood! The metals used to build the car and even the shape of newer cars are designed and regularly evolving to keep you safe.

Starting smart, driving innovation

Whether it’s Ford using aluminium to create a strong, but lighter truck which has better fuel economy, or Mazda, using ultra-high tensile strength steel to make bumpers 20 per cent stronger and nearly five kilograms lighter; Collision Clinic too has been evolving its technology for repairing these new, complex materials to get you back on the road faster and as safely as the day you drove your car off the lot.

Harder is … different

“Over the past 10 to 15 years, steels have been getting stronger,” said Chuck Thomas, chief engineer at Honda R&D Americas, in Raymond, Ohio in a Popular Mechanics article called Why Cars Are Safer Than They’ve Ever Been. “We probably had 500 megapascals of tensile strength in the early 2000s. Now hot-pressed or hot-stamped steel is around 1,500 megapascals.”

And while high-strength steel comes in a variety of levels of hardness, the harder the steel, the more difficult it is to repair and weld.

Advanced Materials

Comparing apples and oranges

Aluminium, on the other hand is as strong or stronger than steel, but weighs less, and needs to be handled very differently than steel.

It takes a far more skilled craftsman to reshape aluminium without damaging it, welders need specific training, and specialized tools are needed. Since unfinished aluminum and steel are corrosive to each other, even using the same tools on both materials or working on both in the same area can cause permanent damage.

An investment in expertise

Collision Clinic’s staff have the technical expertise, proper equipment and proven systems and techniques to repair even the newest car and truck models.

Collision Clinic has invested in technology and training and is ICAR Ford F-150 qualified to repair your aluminium-body F-150.

We’ve also invested in online booking technology and Status On Demand – an innovative service that lets you know exactly how far along your repair is – and when your car will be ready for pick up. We were also one of the first local businesses in any industry to offer the Collision Clinic app, a one-click automated emergency communication system that contacts up to three family members, your insurance company, insurance agent and your preferred body shop after an accident.

You have the Right to Choose who repairs your vehicle, and when you want the most advanced, tech-savvy team, choose Collision Clinic!

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