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You Have the Right to Choose

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Expert collision repair is what we do, but giving you info that’ll keep you safe and smart on the road is how we can help. Here’s the kind of info you’ll find on our Facebook page. Like us for more.

Reasons to Choose

Reason to Choose

Our Commuting  Community Updates

In the oldest city in North America, we’re so lucky to have been built on paved over horse trails …said no one. Luckily, from road updates and weather, to cool community-minded happenings that bring us closer together, our Facebook page will drive your sense of community home.

New Driver  Protection

Being a new driver can be scary, for you – and the people who love you the most. From easy tips to valuable advice, you’ll be fully equipped, and good as ‘new’. Like our Facebook page and your newsfeed will start to keep you safe.

Reason to Choose

Time Efficient  Innovations

Convenience matters. Making more time for yourself and putting the latest life changing tools at your fingertips? Even better. You have the right to get more out of your busy day, so like us on Facebook for tricks of the trade that are tech-minded and will move you forward.

Other reasons to choose…

There are lots of exciting things happening at Collision Clinic. Check out our current promotions:

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