Drives Me

Drives Me

What drives you? For us, it’s winter, it’s cold, and we’re so over it.

#DrivesMe is an idea we thought we’d put out there so we can all have a good-natured laugh about the winter driving woes that drive us.

For example it drives Glenda, our accounting administrator, when someone parks one car in two spaces.

Technician Brent loathes the Potholes! “Just Drives Me,” he says.

Agree with Rob? Share with #DrivesMe to win!

What about you?

Tell us what drives you on our Facebook Page. Use the hashtag #DrivesMe, so we can find you all over the internet. Even use the hashtag #DrivesMe on the photo you agree most with.

We’ll lend a sympathetic ear … and just in time for more flurries!

Even better is we’re going to pick a few others who share what #DrivesMe and send them a prize pack to calm their frosty nerves.

If you’re a lucky winner share a photo with us showing off how you’re using your prize pack to melt your worries away and make your friends laugh.

Agree with Katherine? Share with #DrivesMe to win!

Join the Conversation

Visit our Facebook page, meet our team, and share the woes you know too well with the hashtag #DrivesMe.

Agree with Brent? Share with #DrivesMe to win!

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