We’ve got Just the Tip for NL drivers!

We’ve got Just the Tip for NL drivers!

According to recent surveys, young drivers wind up having more coaching on the sports field than they do in driver training. We want to help new drivers get behind the wheel with more knowledge, a better understanding of how their cars work, and how they can be more in control.

Knowledge is key, and at Collision Clinic, having a little fun on the way comes standard.

Hand over the keys with confidence

We’re sharing the weird, wacky and wonderful tips, tricks and did-you-knows about getting behind the wheel. We want you to share them with the drivers in your life.

For example, did you know there are more than 30,000 parts in your car? Or that by listening to techno or dance music when behind the wheel you’re twice as likely to get in an accident?

We’ll tell you why you should use your handbrake regularly and you can pass on the tip to the 16-year-old looking to get their hands on your keys.


Get your motor running

We’re partnering with Safety Services NL to talk driver safety, for the new driver and those of us who could use a few reminders!

We want you to share the gift of the best drivers’ education, so visit Collision Clinic or Safety Services NL to enter to win Safety Service NL’s driver’s education course to put your young driver safely on the road or our second prize of a defensive driving workshop: good for drivers of all skill levels.

While you’re there, share some of our safety tips with your young driver to remind them to stay safe while on the roads!

Just the tip campaign

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